Okpi air drop collection precautions (1)

Dear pioneer and okpi community members:

Thank you for your support , We will ensure that every participant receives a reward.

Please pay attention to the following questions.

一、The qualification to receive okpi airdrop must be a registered member of okpi. Please register your membership with your email.

Please click here to register > >

The airdrop reward will be distributed to your okpi account and you need to withdraw it manually.

二、Extract okpi to your digital wallet address, please fill in your wallet address.It can be BSC Chain Wallet address or HECO Chain Wallet address.

Click here to enter the wallet>>

Please follow the picture below:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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    1. admin

      您的问题非常好,也是我们团队正在紧张讨论的问题。据我们的预估,当前pi network的智能合约平台应该pi项目团队还无法推出,这意味着okpi合约还无法迁移,只能继续等待;但是易货这个问题,是眼前要面对的,请等待我们的讨论结果,会公告宣布!

    1. admin


  1. yc zhu


    1. admin


        1. OKPI VERY GOOD~
          This is definitely going to be huge, as supported by such a great team for the success of this project, I’m happy to be a part of it.

        2. Tam pham

          Tôi phải làm thế nào thì rút được okpi? Địa chỉ ví của các bạn thế nào? Cảm ơn các bạn nhiều

        3. yc zhu


          1. admin


        4. Jeong dong KIM

          very interested in the ecosystem of OKPi.
          Do you plan to provide a roadmap for the P2E gaming platform to early buyers and some users? Will it come soon?

          1. admin

            We pay close attention to the game field, especially the game works in the field of PI ecology.
            At the same time, we are also organizing members to do p2e type game development and cooperation.

        5. We have received news that the latest payment sdk test for Pi has been successfully completed

          I’m very curious about your development progress.

          Through the developer channel around the 20th, all merchants have completed submission to the Ecological Market. Okpi Has the submission been completed?

          1. admin


        6. hyeongdeok gang

          Stakings l
          Reward APY: 200%
          Total mining pool: 1 billion okpi
          Other rewards: None
          Minimum lock-up: 5000 okpi
          Penalty mechanism: No penalty, follow up

          Total mining pool: 1 billion okpi
          Can’t you mine more than 1 billion okpi at a time?

        7. 你们的网站和推特基本没有更新。别的pi生态都在发新进展给粉丝了解,不知道你们是怎么想的。

          1. admin


        8. Binance chain mining does not have an interest flow pool, it says to contact your administrator. Is there any way I can get my mine reward?
          Can’t get my reward 90 million okpi.

        9. It was also a big mistake to remove sluggish coin prices and arrogant liquidity exchanges. Why don’t we proceed with the hard fork now? Are you confident in restoring prices? All investors turn their backs

          1. admin

            We are confident. Our greatest confidence comes from our sufficient reserves of PI coins. We are also waiting for the early arrival of the PI open main network. I believe that the growth curve of okpi is positively correlated with PI.

            At the same time, we will also link okpi to the main assets of several public chains that have been issued.

            However, at present, the whole industry is indeed in a downturn. It is believed that the open main network of PI will bring a wave of market.

        10. Are you going to launch Ethereum in a deeper recession?
          already hit a deep bottom today. You’ll regret it if it’s too late
          as soon as possible Open Ethereum to the community.

        11. The main net is alive, and the actual coin is moving
          It’s time to promote OKP’s ecosystem to the world.

          1. admin



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